Winter Bowls
Buddha Bowl with Veggie Spirelli

Guuuys, is winter over yet? When, when, when?? I'm having the hardest time to get through this winter. I'm missing light, I'm still getting used to living in Germany...

0 Comment / Jan 14, 2017

Smoothie Love

Barley Grass Smoothie (aka green super smoothie)

Are you ready to super charge your well-being? Want to feel less sluggish, have more energy and feel...

0 Comment / Dec 18, 2016

Papaya Smoothie for tropics lovers

Want to bring the tropics into your home? Start the day with this papaya smoothie and you're off to a good...

0 Comment / Dec 17, 2016

Acerola Smoothie with Cocoa Swirl

Smoothies are such a simple way to incorporate superfoods and healthy fats into your diet. Always keep...

0 Comment / Dec 09, 2016