That's what's in season in March!
Veggies and Fruits in March

Yay March! Finally first signs of spring are here. I can hear some birds outside, the sun is out occasionally and the markets are filled with tulips.  If...

0 Comment / Feb 25, 2017

Smoothie Love

Valentines Day Smoothie with Blueberries

Is there a more beautiful way to somebody's heart than through food...? I don't think so! Especially...

0 Comment / Jan 19, 2017

Barley Grass Smoothie (aka green super smoothie)

Are you ready to super charge your well-being? Want to feel less sluggish, have more energy and feel...

0 Comment / Dec 18, 2016

Papaya Smoothie for tropics lovers

Want to bring the tropics into your home? Start the day with this papaya smoothie and you're off to a good...

1 Comment / Dec 17, 2016