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Hi, I’m glad you found my page! I am Yoori, the chick behind “The Chick Who Eats”.

Who is The Chick Who Eats?

About two years ago I went through pretty major change switching into a completely different lifestyle and taking the speed out of my life.

I freed myself from all that I ‘owned’. I sold or gave away pretty much everything that I owned and had schlepped from Scotland to London, to DC and Istanbul. All that was left at the end were 7 boxes that I left in a storage unit. For 18 months it was only 1 1/2 suitcases with clothes and some kitchen ware. And it was enough. 

I set off onto an adventure of living in different corners of the world – Berlin, Barcelona, Saigon, Portland, Miami. 

What did I do with my free time? I re-learned to live in the moment and appreciate the small things bringing back a sense of wonder and gratefulness. I travelled up Adam’s Peak at 1am in Sri Lanka, went to a street food festival along the Han river in Seoul, soaked up the fresh air at Mt. Rainier National Park and made friends with the neighborhood sugar cane juice lady in Saigon. 

I will never stop to wander but right now my priority is on creating a base home for my pup and myself – have a place from which to launch new adventures while living a ‘slow’ life with full integrity. 

A ‘slow life’ for me is centered around the values of sustainability, seasonality and simplicity. And these are the values that you will find reflected in my yummy nourishing recipes, health tips and travel experiences. 

Every day is a gift and I’m starting to be very picky with how I spend my day – How you live your day is how you live your life!  

Work with Me

I love collaborations with like-minded people and brands. If you are into fresh healthy foods, are looking for a food stylist and photographer, recipe developer, need a companion to the next farmers markets or maybe are in a challenging part of your life and need somebody to talk things through – let’s connect ^_^

Get in Contact!

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook or email me at yoori@thechickwhoeats.com

I look forward to hearing your comments, thoughts or just a friendly Hello!