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My whole life is centered around food. Eating, photographing, tasting, discovering! I bring my expertise of recipe development, editorial work and in-depth marketing understanding and bring it together with my passion for wholesome and nourishing food. But most of all, food is all senses. It's taste, it's presentation, it's company. This is my fun and bright approach to recipe development, food style and content creation that you can see throughout my work.  

Contact me on yoori@thechickwhoeats.com

Recipe development and food styling. Product and food photography
for your website, menus, cookbooks or other marketing needs. 



Managing and creating content for your social accounts to create
a consistent and engaging brand story.  



Past Projects
                             As seen on
Oi Magazine Saigon - May '16
nu3 kitchen - sweet potato toast
I heart Berlin
Oi Magazine Saigon - Apr '16
nu3 kitchen - sushi donuts
Berlin coworking space
Daily Bread Magazine
edible crafts
paleo grubs

and many more...