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My whole life is centered around food. Eating, photographing, tasting, discovering! I bring my expertise of recipe development, editorial work and in-depth marketing understanding and bring it together with my passion for wholesome and nourishing food. But most of all, food is all senses. Its taste, its presentation, its company. This is my fun and bright approach to recipe development, food style and content creation that you can see throughout my work.  

My Background:

About two years ago I decided it was time to quit the corporate job that I had. I had a stressful job with a comfortable salary in one of the major hospitality companies. Moving from hotel level to regional and global corporate level, I’ve been fortunate to have lived in Scotland, London, Washington DC and Istanbul with my job. 

Somehow I decided it was time for some adventure at that time and since then have been traveling the world while freelancing. Part of me is still in the hospitality industry but I now have a firm grip in food photography and content creation. You’ll find me working with partners on telling visual stories, creating recipe videos, testing recipes and photographing food. 

Please see below for a sample of my published work and also refer to my portfolio. 

For more details and collaboration ideas, please contact me on yoori@thechickwhoeats.com

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