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Insta Diary

Come behind the scenes with me as I share some of my daily life with you – let’s talk food, happiness, travel and let’s have fun! Plus, you get to see my little pup Macchiato ^_^

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Apr 15: I’m getting ready to leave Berlin and this is what I’m packing.  

Mar 23: Don’t fall for the misleading food labels like ‘vegan’ and ‘gluten free’! 

Mar 14: A behind the scenes peek into a day of video shooting recipes. 

Mar 13: The decision is made. I am moving again (… and again, and again)!

Mar 2: I don’t think Berlin and I are a match. Or am I just being silly?

Feb 28: Knock! Knock! Hey! Are you ALL IN? Or are you just ‘there’?

Feb 27: Quick check-in. Are you suffering from orthorexia nervosa?

Feb 25: Peek into just another day of a food blogger (+ random dance party)

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